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Every year we learn and try to improve, and of course, reach those people who are MOST in need of some help. Please take the time to read the details on this page before you complete the application form.

We can only visit you if you live one of these areas:

♦ Charlottetown
♦ Stratford
♦ Cornwall
♦ Sherwood
♦ Parkdale
♦ Winsloe
♦ Hillsborough Development
♦ West Royalty
♦ East Royalty
♦ Summerside*  – new this year! 


Only a few spots left for Summerside visits!

Each Christmas, we hope to reach new areas and visit more families across the island. This year, we are launching our pilot delivery route in Summerside. We only have the capacity to reach a limited number of homes in Summerside as we grow slowly. If this first Summerside route goes well, we will continue to expand there, and to other areas.

We hope you understand that our capacity as a volunteer oganisation is limited, but we’re doing our best. Even so, we welcome you to complete the form below and we will do our best (and of course, we’ll notify you whether we’re coming or not!).

What is Santa's Angels?

Santa’s Angels is a group that travels around Charlottetown on Christmas morning (December 25 starting at 7 am) and delivers food and toys, to those in need.

Our goal is to reach people, adults and children, throughout Charlottetown and some surrounding areas and bring them a surprise, spirit-filled Christmas morning.

Who can apply?

Santa is looking for families in need. Families who cannot create a Christmas morning for their little ones, for whatever reason. For kiddies who still believe in Santa, and families who are struggling for food, and some gifts. For families who aren’t receiving help from other charities.

Santa is also looking to visit any individuals celebrating Christmas alone, who could use some joy.

What if I'm not home Christmas morning?

Pick-ups are not available this year.

Unlike previous years, we cannot prepare packages for pick up prior to Christmas morning. We can only visit homes in the areas listed above on the morning of December 25.

If you will not be home on Christmas morning, unfortunately we cannot visit.

What will Santa bring?

If Santa visits you, you can bet he’ll be HO HO HO-LDING a big red bag of goodies! This includes:

  • A care package for the family (including toiletries, soaps and other necessities)
  • A small gift for the kids
  • A food box to include a HAM (no Turkey this year), some veggies, eggs and milk and so on
  • Best of all, Santa and his elves will bring all kinds of joy!

Sorry! The request form is now closed.

Unfortunately, Santa’s Angels has closed the form to request a visit for Christmas morning 2018. We wish you the very best this Christmas season.